Stockholm memory scan 1970

T-Centralen. Foto: Jurek Holzer
T-Centralen. Foto: Jurek Holzer
Hötorget. Foto: jurek Holzer
Hötorget. Foto: jurek Holzer
Hötorget. Foto: Jurek Holzer
Hötorget. Foto: Jurek Holzer

My first year in Stockholm started in february 1969 and was filled with fear and confusion. The camera I brought with me from Poland (an old Practica) was not working properly, I had no money to buy film for and no darkroom either. Some time during 1970 I got a brand new Yashica Electric, did some walking around town and took pictures in the streets. I joined a photo club at my students’ dormitory. There was a darkroom there where I could develop my negatives and make some prints. All kinds of weird memories turn up in my head when I look at these pictures now, my heart filled with nostalgia.

Memory Soundtrack: Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone



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